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  • 09.11.05 ~ We would just like to take a moment to remember those who were affected by 9/11. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  • 09.10.05 ~ And another three months, come and gone just like that! It seems that the trends on our latest posts are all “recaps of the last several months” so with no further adieu…
  • We both went to Vegas (but not together) Cheryll went for a conference while Jeff went Labor Day weekend for his cousin Bill’s Bachelor Party. You can check out the Bachelor Party pics here.

Bill's Bachelor Party!

A TV commercial was filmed at our house! Time Warner Cable filmed a humorous commercial marketing, what else – Time Warner Cable. It was surprisingly great fun having dozens of film crew, actors/actresses, etc. running through our house. The only downfall was that filming started at 2:00pm on a Friday and did not end until 6am Saturday morning. So we didn’t sleep a wink. Overall, we’d most likely do it all over again if given the opportunity

Happy Birthday Joan! Our good friend Joan celebrated her birthday in their newly remodeled home – one word… WOW! What a beautiful remodel! It was great fun seeing Chuck, Joan, some old swing dancing friends, and meeting new ones as well. We posted a few pics here… don’t be fooled; it wasn’t just all dogs at the party. hehe

Joan's B-day

We celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary on August 23! Yay Us!

Chaya was spayed. It was a tough decision but we finally decided that we would not be breeding her with Coco. Surgery went well and she’s back to being crazy as usual.

Beach BBQ! At the end of August we had a fun Beach Day at Huntington Beach – check out the pics here.

Concerts!!! We went to a plethora of concerts in the last few months including: The Killers, Tegan and Sara, Tiesto, Coldplay, and the Dave Matthews Band. We had a great time at all of them, even at the Tiesto concert where someone (<cough> Cheryll <cough>) had tee many martoonis that night! Here are some pictures from the Tiesto show.

Movies we’ve seen:

Batman Begins – 2 thumbs way up! Cheryll just adores Christian Bale
Wedding Crashers – 2 thumbs up! Raunchy humor at its best!
March of the Penguins – 2 thumbs up! Probably one of the most entertaining documentaries we’ve seen.
Constantine (on DVD) – 2 thumbs in between – we both thought this movie had potential but with Keanu Reeve’s acting and the mis-Direction, it got a bit lost in itself

  • 06.12.05 ~ Hello friends and family! Well it's been almost 5 months since our last post (kinda embarasssing), but we've been keeping busy with lots of fun and exciting things. Some of the things we've done recently are - started to play tennis, installed hard-wood floors in our home, and we also recently went to Disneyland and California Adventures - Tower of Terror is such a great ride!

    Quick recap of our weekend - Friday we went to see "Mr & Mrs. Smith". Overall we liked it, the entertainment and "eye candy" value was very high. Last night (Saturday) we decided to celebrate, a few days early, Evan and Jeff's b-days, so we took Evan to Burke Williams and spent a few hours relaxing and enjoying massages, and then we had dinner at Table 8. The food there is absolutely amazing and so is the ambiance, the only negative thing was that we had to wait 40 minutes even though we had reservations
  • 01.27.05 ~ Hello everyone! Hope all is well for all of our friends and family. It's been a while since our last update so we have LOTS to share. Over the holidays we took a two week trip overseas to the Philippines and Hong Kong. Our main purpose was to visit family, but we also did some diving and TONS of shopping (just ask Cheryll, hehe). We just uploaded all of our pictures from our trip - they are under the "Trips and Vacations" folder. Click here to see them now. Here are some of our favorite photos:

Diving - sea coral

Cheryll's Family

Jeff's Family

  • 12.01.04 ~ Happy Holidays to everyone! It's hard to believe that it's already December 1st! We hope all of our friends and family had a safe and festive Thanksgiving. We had a very low-key Thanksgiving; six people including ourselves. It was defintely nice to get some R & R. So tonight we put up X-mas lights inside and outside our house. A few of our neighbors had their lights up the day after Thanksgiving, so we felt motivated to get ours up.

    In other news, a new PC game came out last week - World of Warcraft. Jeff bought two copies the day it came out, one for each of us and we have been hooked solid on it since. It is an amazing game with very detailed character development and play. It's an MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, so there are thousands of other people playing the game same time as you.

  • 11.08.04 ~ What a pleasant weekend! It's definitely getting colder, winter is upon us. So we had our final golf lesson yesterday - overall we feel that it was worth it. We'll probably sign up for the intermediate class sometime soon, but after we practice some more of what we learned in the intro. If anyone is interested in the program that we just completed it's the Nike Golf Learning Series. We just completed the Tee It Up 1: The Front Nine class.

    A bunch of Jeff's relatives were in town this weekend including his Grandma, Aunts, Uncle, and Cousin Ed. We had dinner with them on Saturday night. It was really nice seeing them and catching up. We're hoping another big event (e.g. wedding) will take place in the next year or so to bring us all together again. Click here to see all the photos from dinner.

Dinner with Grandma Hao Bu and Aunts

  • 11.06.04 ~ Wow, it's hard to believe we're in November already - we really love this time of year, the dangerous part about it is that it makes us feel like shopping! Anyhow, last night we went to see The Incredibles. Cheryll has been so anxious to see the movie and it finally opened. We both really enjoyed it - two thumbs way up! We're definitely going to see it again sometime soon.


Earlier this week our favorite DJ - DJ Tiesto released his "Parade of the Athletes" CD. He performed for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and created a special set for it. It is really awesome!

Go Tiesto!

  • 10.31.04 ~ Happy Halloween! This weekend went by so quickly (as they always seem to do), but largely due to all the activities we had going on. Thankfully we all had an extra hour of sleep - yes!

    Today we had our third golf lesson, it was focused on putting and pitching. Afterwards we met up with Evan and Erik to play a round of golf. Unfortunately, we had to stop after the 16th hole because it was getting too dark. Since we turned the clocks back today it's definitely getting much darker earlier. We did make it back home in time however to give out plenty of cavities, we mean candy, to all the kids in the neighborhood.

    Yesterday we had a belated birthday party for Cheryll's Dad. We invited several friends of his to come over for some BBQ and drinks.

    Friday night Paul, Elisa, and Sara came over with their pumpkins to carve. We expected nothing less than awesome pumpkins from the artistic family. Click here to see all the pumpkin carving photos. After pumkin carving we watched The Butterfly Effect - two thumbs up from us. The DVD has two versions - a theatrical version and a director's cut. We had watched the director's cut earlier in the week and after watching the theatrical version with our friends, we agree that we like the director's cut better. The two versions are really very different.

Can you guess who's is who's?

  • 10.25.04 ~ Yesterday morning we had our second golf lesson - putting and chipping. It was a beautiful day to be outside, so beautiful that we met up with Evan and played 18 holes of golf! Jeff applied his chipping lesson on the 18th hole and actually chipped the ball in from about 25 feet away. Afterwards we had dinner at PF Changs - Oolong Seabass, Pin Rice Noodle Soup, Changs Spicy Shrimp (with sauce on the side - an absolute must), Dan-dan noodles, Szechuan Pork, and Salt and Pepper Calamari - WOW we feasted - oh and we can't forget the Washington Apple Martinis - yum!

  • 10.23.04 ~ Happy Birthday to Cheryll's Dad! We went to dim sum this morning and ordered noodles (Hong Kong style) especially for Cheryll's Dad (it's an asian sign of longevity and is an absolute must on your birthday). Dad - may your life be long, healthy, and prosperous!

  • 10.22.04 ~ GO LAKERS! As an early birthday present, we took Cheryll's Dad to see a Laker game tonight. It was a double-header: Golden State vs Denver and Lakers vs Clippers. Although it's still pre-season, the vibe, energy, and gameplay was fantastic. It was our very first Laker game in person and we had awesome seats. We got to see Derek Fisher play, but unfortunately Golden State lost. We also saw some celebs - Lisa Leslie, Magic Johnson, and of course the entire Laker team including the injured players - Vlade Divac, Kareem Rush, Luke Walton, and Devean George. Click here to see all the photos from tonight's game. The Lakers beat the Clippers 113-102. Now if only we can get the same seats again during the regular season...

    Also we just uploaded two videos that we took with our digital camera from tonight. You can watch them streamed to your computer. Video #1 is the Lakers warming up and Video #2 is Kobe getting fouled but making the shot and then making the extra point. In order to view the videos you will need to download and install the free Real Player. We also listed the videos for access anytime on our Videos page.

Kobe entering the court after half-time

  • 10.21.04 ~ Tonight we went out to the Pantages Theatre to see Twyla Tharpe and Billy Joel's "Movin' Out". It was surprisingly good. A lot of songs we recognized - a major blast from the past. During intermission we were really thirsty, so Jeff bought a soda - a small coke with ice was $4. The guy next to him bought two bottle waters - guess how much?....$12! That better be the best darn water that guy's ever had! The only bad part about tonight is that we can't get the "Movin' Out" song out of our heads now! "I'm...movin out!...badada da da dada...badada da da dada...badada da da dada...."

  • 10.20.04 ~ Hi everybody! Just a few "small" updates since our last post.

    • Woohoo!!! Congratulations to proud new parents Alice and Mike! Andrew Jason was born on October 18th, 8 pounds 8 ounces, 21 cm, and as you can see with lots of hair! We went to visit them yesterday in the hospital and got to witness Mike change and swaddle Andrew for the first time! Click here to see all the photos from our visit with Alice, Mike, and Andrew Jason!

      Mike, Alice, and Andrew Jason!
    • We just started to pick up golf. So far we're really bad, but hopefully we'll improve now that we've signed up for lessons. It rained hard this past Sunday so our lesson was cancelled - BAH! We want to be really good already, but we know it will take time.

    • We went pumpkin patching with Paul and Elisa last Saturday. The temperature is starting to cool a bit, which made for a perfect Fall day. All of us bought pumpkins in varying sizes. They also had a bunch of really old washing machines on display from the early 1900's. It was pretty cool to see what was considered "high-tech" back then. There was also a popcorn vendor who sold the tastiest popcorn ever! We'll probably carve our pumpkins the weekend of Halloween - FUN! Click here to see all the pumpkin patching photos.

      Paul and Jeff - DAH! Pumpkins!
  • 09.25.04 ~ What a busy day! We were quite the social butterflies today, first going to Alice and Mike's baby shower then going to John and Christina's going away party. Both parties were full of cute babies! We couldn't help but wonder how soon we'd be ready for parenthood! Click here to see all the all the baby shower photos. Click here to see all the going away party photos.

  • bill, mike, alice (bearing andrew), jeff, cheryll

    jen, jen, christina, irmalinda
    best train buddies...forever

  • 09.24.04 ~ Tonight we went to see The Forgotten with Paul and Elisa... BLEH! I dont' think we'll be adding this one to our DVD collection. After the movie, we had planned on meeting up with Cheryll's Dad at the Yardhouse for some drinks and some grub when the bouncer wouldn't let Cheryll in due to an expired driver's license! Can you believe it? The license was 5 days expired and he would not let her in. So we had to find another place to have drinks and grub (where we wouldn't get carded!) The only good thing about that was it made Cheryll feel young again ;o)

  • 09.20.04 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYLL! Another birthday, come and gone and what an awesome birthday weekend it was! First, on Saturday night, Jeff took Cheryll to a surprise dinner with some friends at Trattoria Sorriso. Then on Sunday, Jeff surprised Cheryll and treated her to a wonderful 80 minute massage at Burke Williams. That evening, another surprise was in store -- box seats (and dinner in our box!) at the Hollywood Bowl for the Summer Series Fireworks Finale! That night was themed "A Night at the Moulin Rouge" and the show was fantastic! They had actual Moulin Rouge Can Can dancers fly in from Montmartre to perform that night. They were so much fun to watch that it made Cheryll want to be a Can Can dancer when she grows up... ;o) Today, we celebrated Cheryll's birthday with family and enjoyed one of the best dinners we've had in a while -- we went to a place in Santa Monica called The Lobster and we all agreed this place gets 5 out of 5 stars. The food was magnificent, the drinks were yummy, the ambience was lovely (180 degree view of the ocean) and the service was superb. To top it off, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs was sitting a couple tables down from us! Needless to say, it was quite a memorable birthday weekend! Click here to see all the birthday photos.

Happy Birthday Cheryll!
  • 09.12.04 ~Weekends always go by too quickly. Friday night we had dinner at Houstons - Hawaiin Rib-eye yummm! Saturday we had breakfast at our favorite breakfast (and lunch) place -- Julienne's. Saturday night we saw Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx -- it gets two thumbs up from us.

  • 09.06.04 ~ Hi everyone! WOW, it's been well over two months since our last update to our site. A lot has happened since June so there's going to be plenty of stuff to share including loads of pictures. We hope that we haven't taken too long of a break such that none of our family and friends visit anymore. Anyhow, we're going to start things up again - thanks to everyone for your patience and without further adieu, here's a summary of what we've been up to the last couple months...
      • We finally moved in to our new house in early July (hence the hiatus from our website updates) and we have just been busy, busy, busy unpacking and doing house stuff. Yes, we have become THAT couple that now makes Home Depot our second home!
      • Jeff's parents came to visit us for a few days in late July to go to a wedding plus see the new house and spend some time with us. It was a fun few days spent eating great food, seeing some movies, and having some much needed catch-up time.
      • In late July, Paul and Elisa invited us to see Russell Malone at the Jazz Bakery. (Russell Malone used to play guitar for Harry Connick's band) Wow! What a great show! He and his band members are very talented.
      • Friday, August 20 - we had some of Cheryll's old coworkers come to the new house for some dinner and some catch up time. Thanks guys for coming over, we had a great time!
      • On Monday, August 23, we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! WOOHOO! We can't believe how fast the year went. To celebrate the occasion, we decided to do something low key so we treated ourselves to a "Spa Day" at Burke Williams Spa as well as a romantic dinner at this fabulous French-Vietnamese restaurant on the west side called Michelia. The restaurant was so charming... the chef/owner (a petite Vietnamese woman) even came out and greeted each of her guests ensuring that everyone was enjoying themselves. This place gets two thumbs up from us.
      • You can never get enough magic in Jeff's life... we went to the Magic Castle once again, this time with Evan and Evan's Dad, who had never been before. John George was performing that week and he was amazing, as always.
      • We saw the Dave Matthews Band in concert on Saturday night, August 28. As always, Dave put on an awesome show!
      • Yesterday we had a little Labor Day BBQ -- thanks to all of our friends and family that came by. The weather was perfect, the food was bountiful, and the company was as always great. There was some drama in the early evening, Coco had stepped on a sharp thorn and got it stuck in his front paw and it took three people to hold him down while Jeff plucked it out with tweezers. He was definitely in a lot of pain, but by the end of the night he was walking on all fours again. Click here to see all the photos from the BBQ.

      Cheryll, Justin, Danube, Bjorn (we think), and Heather

      • Movies we have squeezed in:
        • Garden State (highly recommended) - we both loved this movie as well as the soundtrack
        • Open Water (not recommended) - although it's based on a true story, we found the movie itself to be weak and we were both disappointed
        • Hero (highly recommended) - powerful, historic, and visually stunning movie
        • Bourne Supremacy (recommended) - storyline was good, acting was good, camera movement was nauseating (ala Blair Witch Project)
      • We have also been back on the Bikram Yoga kick lately. We've been going as many days as possible and we have certainly felt the difference.
      • We brought our camera out with us this morning and took some pictures of Coco and Chaya. We also had some other photos stored on our camera that we just uploaded - click here to see the latest

      there's a snake under our bed!

      ahhh sun-shiney day

  • 06.21.04 ~ <YAWN!> Wow we're totally exhausted. Quick recap of our week / weekend - on Wednesday the 16th (Jeff's B-day) we flew to Vegas to celebrate with Evan who also shares the same birthday. We went to our favorite restaurant of all time - Delmonico at the Venetian and had probably one of the best dinners EVER. We pretty much dine there every time we go to Vegas, but this time we decided to change up the experience and requested to dine in the kitchen. The restaurant has a "special" table that is located in a glass room inside the kitchen, where the chef prepares six dishes of his/her choosing, that are not on the menu, and personally presents each one to us as they are served. The experience is coupled with front-row view of all the kitchen action and, as always, the excellent service we have become spoiled by. Among some of the dishes were - antipasto, foie gras, swordfish, and petit filet. Click here to see all the photos from dinner at Delmonico. We played poker for the entire weekend only stopping to eat and sleep (which was barely any). On Thursday, Jeff entered a No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament and finished 15th place out of about 100, unfortunately only the top nine places paid. We got back from Vegas on Saturday and with less than three hours of sleep, we went straight to our new home to meet up with our friend Erik, who is helping us paint the inside. Jeff's Aunt Gina was in town so that night she took us out for dinner. Sunday we had to get up at 7am to go back to our new home to meet up with workers who are refinishing the hardwood floors. Sunday night, Cheryll took Jeff for a romantic Birthday dinner at Dolce. Click here to see all the photos from Dolce.

  • The Birthday Boys!

    Do I look 30?

    We also just uploaded some pics of Coco and Chaya chilling on our bed. Click here to see all the pics.

    "Hey you're on MY side of the bed"

  • 06.16.04 ~ Happy 30th Birthday Jeff!

  • 06.09.04 ~ Real quick update since it's getting late. We just got back from seeing Velvet Revolver at the Wiltern - what an awesome show. Also DJ Tiesto's new album, Just Be, came out and it is off-da-hook! Tracks 1, 2, and 3 have been on repeat for the past two days. Everybody and anybody must go out and get the album and immediately start jumping to "Traffic" (track 3). Oh one last bit of exciting news...we closed escrow yesterday!!! We are now home-owners!

  • 06.06.04 ~ Last night we had a dinner at Sorriso with friends whom Jeff had grown up with (Paul, Dave, and Max). It's really great to have us all together in California. Congratulations to Dave and Aliza who recently got married! Click here to see all the photos from dinner. Afterwards Paul and Elisa came over for a "Cities and Knights" rematch. We only played one game, which lasted about three hours - Cheryll won by a slim margin.

Dinner with long-time friends
  • 06.04.04 ~ Friday! Yay! We've got a few things in store for us for the upcoming weekend -- 1) Harry Potter (of course) tonight 2) Now that we're closing escrow, we've got tons of packing to do 3) Our puppy training class for Chaya ends on Wednesday so that means we have FINALS! Ack! We are SOOO going to fail. Our instructor gave us a list of things that Chaya will need to know how to do by Wednesday and she is able to do only half of the things on the list -- and that's if she's in a good mood! So we've got some cramming to do this weekend in hopes of passing the class! Other than that, if we have any spare time left we'll start thinking about paint colors for the house.

    We just got back from the premier of Harry Potter 3. Wow! It is by far the best movie of the three. It is also our favorite book in the series. The director did a great job. The special effects were perfect. Of course, our "movie curse" continues to follow us - the girl sitting next to Jeff spent most of the time during the movie talking to her friends, talking to the characters on the screen, and laughing way too loudly during not-so-funny moments (it was kind of a twitchy nervous laugh). Besides that we are definitely planning on seeing it again before it leaves the theatres - maybe tomorrow - ha!

Harry Potter 3 opening day, and the long line...
  • 06.03.04 ~ So excited - Harry Potter 3 opening day is tomorrow. After dinner this evening, we went to the theatre and picked up tickets for tomorrow's premier. But even more exciting is that this evening, prior to dinner, we had the final walkthrough of our NEW HOME! Yes, we're finally going to be home owners, it's a very exciting time in our lives. More details will be coming shortly.

  • 06.01.04 ~ It's hard to believe we've started into another month already! This month is even more special because in 16 days Jeff turns 30! Which, from Jeff's perspective, is something even harder to believe. What to do from now until the big 3-0? Let's dive, drive a sweet car around a racetrack, climb Mt. (insert name of something huge), travel through Europe, get extremely drunk on cheap beer (because doing that after 30 sounds like you have a problem rather than just partying hard), volunteer somewhere. For now the only thing we have planned is see Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban on opening night - now that's a must before you turn 30! Anyone have any other suggestions?

  • 05.31.04 ~ Finally a long-weekend! We just finished watching the Lakers beat the Timberwolves and win the Western Conference! Who would've thought that Kareem Rush would turn out to be the 3-point King! What an awesome victory, now on to the Finals...

    So we had an excellent weekend hanging out with friends and playing our favorite board game, Settlers of Catan and Settlers of Catan - Cities and Knights Expansion.

    Friday we hung out with Evan and lavished on a decadent meal at Morels restaurant at the Grove (can anyone say "cheese overload!"). We then met up with Erik back at our place and watched a few episodes of The Family Guy, which is now our favorite animated show (we liked it so much we went out and bought two DVD box sets). We then taught Erik how to play Settlers of Catan and played that until the wee hours of the night. Surprisingly Erik, having just learned the game, beat us all.

    Saturday Paul and Elisa came over and we watched the Laker game and had some real good BBQ. We then taught them the Cities and Knights Expansion (they are already seasoned SofC players) and played that until real late. One of the only problems with the game is that it can take up to three hours to finish one game. At the end of the night only two games had been completed - Cheryll won the first and Jeff won the second, but both games went down to the wire. We're almost certain that a rematch is in order very soon. :)

    Today we did some shopping in Old Town and while we were crossing the street Cheryll heard her name being called from a car window. It turned out to be one of Cheryll's "Wedding Channel" friends that had recently returned from her honeymoon - small world! We enjoyed the rest of the day strolling and enjoying the not-so-crowded weekend (it seems that everyone either left LA for the long weekend or just spent more time at home). It was quite nice to not have to fight for parking spaces and wait in lines at restaurants, for the entire weekend. But like always, the weekends and long-weekends always go by too quickly...

    • 05.24.04 ~ Hung out at Ben and Sheri's this past Friday night. It was cool meeting new friends and playing a large team game of Taboo. We had lunch with Ilir in Beverly Hills on Saturday and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 again that night. Sunday we went to the annual Scuba Show at the Long Beach Convention center and then watched the Lakers lose to the Timberwolves - it was just an off night for them.

    • 05.19.04 ~ With respect to recent events, we took an extended hiatus from updating our website to spend time with family. We are now slowly trying to get back to our day-to-day activities. Thank you to all of our close friends and family who have given us so much love and support through these difficult times especially over the last several months.

      So instead of recapping day-by-day entries for the last two months, we wanted to just sum it all up:
      • We have been house-hunting (more exciting details to come later)
      • Freddy's last day at Sushi Roku was Friday May 7. We are really going to miss all the excellent drinks and company. It will not be the same without you buddy - thanks for everything and best of luck in your endeavors! Click here to see all the photos from the evening.

      Freddy's Last Day!

      • We started puppy training class for Chaya. It's actually training for us to become better pet-owners. Sit Cheryll Sit! So far Chaya knows - "Watch Me", "Sit", "Down", and she's slowly getting "Stay". She is however really good at "Bite Daddy's Nose" and "Scratch his legs so that they bleed". We definitely have good days and bad days.
      • We have started Bikram Yoga again! We went three days one week and then four days straight in the next. It has been quite a long time since we've done anything physical, so we're happy to be back in it again.
      • Movies we have seen (in no particular order)
        • Troy - two thumbs up (Cheryll's is way up for Brad Pitt and her honey Orlando Bloom, but he was kinda a pansy in the movie)
        • Last Samurai - two thumbs up! Too bad we didn't see this one in the theater. No wonder Ken Watanabe was nominated he is fantastic in the movie as is Tom Cruise
        • Timeline - two thumbs down! This was a long-awaited movie for Jeff, having read the book twice it was quite a let-down to have so much get left out, but that is the problem with novels that are on the bigscreen
        • Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 - two thumbs up! Cheryll is determined to be "Go-Go" this coming Halloween. Jeff will be "Pai Mei" to keep the theme going.

        Go Go Yubari

        Pai Mei

      • Movies that we are looking forward to:

  • 03.10.04 ~ Hello everyone! So things have definitely been hectic for us lately (which is why we have neglected our website udpates). One of the reasons we have been busy is that we have a NEW addition to the family. Her name is Chaya, she was born on November 12, 2003. It took Coco sometime to get used to her, but I think they're now closer to pals than mortal enemies, but there's still a long way to go. Click here for some pictures.

  • 03.07.04 ~ Happy Birthday Cheryll's Mom! Today is a very special day, Cheryll's mom turns 60 years young. You go Mom!

  • 03.06.04 ~ Happy Birthday Margaret Jung! Tonight was Margaret's 40th birthday. We went over to Jeff's cousin Bill's house for a surprise Hawaiian themed birthday party.

  • 03.05.04 ~ We had dinner with Chuck and Joan tonight at Morels Steakhouse located at the Grove in LA. It was the first time we had been there (both the Grove and the restaurant) and what a great time we had. The food was SO good. We started with fondue, then french onion soup (Jeff's favorite), and then we had the bone-in rib steak. We will definitely be heading back there again soon.

  • 02.28.04 ~ We took Ilir out for lunch today at Lucques for a belated birthday. The food was excellent. Afterwards we strolled Melrose and did some window shopping. One of the stores we went to was the Optical Shop of Aspen. They had a real awesome line of sunglasses by Chrome Hearts. Jeff noticed that the salesman had on a really cool bracelet which turned out to be also by Chrome Hearts. We soon found out that there is a Chrome Hearts store down the street (one of five in the world). We went over there and checked out their apparel and jewelry. Very cool stuff, but you probably don't want to wear too much of it unless you are a serious rock-star.

  • 02.23.04 ~ HAPPY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO US! Yay! Not only are we celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary, but Cheryll's parents are also celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!

  • 02.22.04 ~ Happy Birthday Ilir!

  • 02.21.04 ~ Tonight we went to see John Mayer at the Universal Amphitheatre. It was probably one of the best concerts we have been to since Coldplay. John is such an amazing guitarist and it really showed in his live performance. Our new favorite song is a new one that he performed called "Hummingbird".

  • 02.20.04 ~ It's a done deal. Today was Cheryll's last day at work. She resigned from the company she had been employed with for over 10 years. It was a day full of mixed emotions but for the most part, she is very happy to be out. The thing that saddens her most are some of the friends she won't be seeing on a daily basis anymore. I guess it's time to start a new chapter in the Book of Work-Life (her new job starts March 1).

  • 02.18.04 ~ Viva La Boheme! Tonight (as a Valentine's gift) we went to see Baz Luhrmann's version of Pucini's La Boheme at the Ahmanson. We had dinner at Nick and Stef's steakhouse beforehand. The food was good, but the service was mediocre. The show/opera was fantastic. We are both huge fans of RENT so now we know where the inspiration came from. The talent that they have on the show is amazing. What is even more incredible is that they have eight rotating casts because the singing is so demanding on the performers. The super/sub titles were very good and funny. Our favorite was Act 2.

  • 02.14.04 ~ Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight we decided to have dinner at Sushi Roku and then catch Mystic River (yes, the curse continues for Cheryll... a couple talked incessantly throughout the movie, as expected.) We're trying to see all of the Academy Award nominated films prior to the Oscars. Now we only have to see Master and Commander left and we're good to go!

  • 02.07.04 ~ Happy Birthday Mike! Tonight we went over to Alice and Mike's house to celebrate Mike's birthday and play some poker.

  • 01.24.04 ~ Jeff's former co-workers came over tonight to play Settlers of Catan, which has turned out to be a monthly affair. Evan showed up at midnight to stiffen the competition. We were up until 4am duking it out over cardboard hexagon tiles and small wooden game pieces - sound like fun? It's actually a great game, we highly recommend it!

  • 01.16.04 ~ We went out to see Cold Mountain this evening. We both really enjoyed it. Cheryll has a movie theatre "curse" where she always ends up sitting next to someone who has to talk during the movie either on a cell phone, to themselves, or even to the actors on the screen. It has gotten to the point where we expect it to happen and just laugh when it does. Fortunately the guy sitting next to Cheryll started to talk to himself at the very end of the movie (in tagalog no less!).

  • 01.15.04 ~ Sundance Film Festival opens today. Jeff's cousin Shawn has a film entered in the "Shorts Program". Best of luck Shawn, congratulations on all of your hard work!

  • 01.12.04 ~ Happy Birthday Robby!

  • 01.02.04 ~ We went to the YardHouse this evening to celebrate the New Year with old friends and new friends. We had a great time with lots of drinks and food (only soup for Jeff as he still is recovering, but well enough to venture out). Over 20 people showed up including - Paul, Elisa, Daisy, Andy, Russ, Amber, Neil, and Christine.

  • 01.01.04 ~ Happy New Year! Jeff's fever broke early this morning, he's still not feeling that good so we're enjoying the first day of 2004 at home and watching the Rose Parade on television.

  • 12.31.03 ~ Happy New Year's Eve! Ugh, we think this is a first, Jeff is sick with the flu / virus and has a 103 degree fever. Obviously we're both at home and celebrating in bed.

  • 12.25.03 ~ It's Christmas once again and we'd like to wish all of our family and friends a Merry Christmas. We hope you all have a good holiday of rest and enjoyment. Merry Christmas!

  • 12.21.03 ~ Happy Birthday Elisa! This afternoon we went to visit Sheila and Mike at their home for a holiday "open-house". Afterwards we went to ensushi for a surpirse birthday dinner for Elisa. Good job planning Paul!

  • 12.20.03 ~ So we've been on the boardgame kick lately. Sounds kinda geeky, but it's a great (and inexpensive) means of entertainment. Long gone are the days of Monopoly, Risk, and even Cranium! There's a whole slew of boardgames that we have never heard of and have been around for quite some time, but only recently have we begun to play and really enjoy! They are all in the category of "strategy" gaming, but would definitely appeal to all-ages. The games are Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, and Carcassonne. They all have won numerous awards and we definitely recommend them to our friends. In fact today we went over to one of Jeff's friends house and played Settlers of Catan until the wee hours of the night. For more info check out, we based our game decisions by the Top 10 list and so far we're 3 for 3!

  • 12.19.03 ~ We went over to John and Danube's house this evening for our annual holiday dinner. Unfortuntely, our entire annual holiday dinner crew could not attend so basically it was just us along with Phil (one of John's best friends) and the twins (of course). The twins are getting to be so big and some of the stuff they were doing (e.g. responses, interests, activities) were just amazing. We're both really glad to be witnesses to their growing-up. Dinner was excellent and so was the company.

  • 12.17.03 ~ Tonight we saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It was nothing more than excellent! We already want to see it again. We're contemplating watching the first two movies (extended versions) back-to-back and then going to see Return of the King again, but we're not sure if we'll find 11 hours of non-stop free time. Something to put on our calendar sometime soon. :-)

  • 12.13.03 ~ We finally got our wedding video! Wow, is all we can say. Now that we have finally received the video, it was definitely worth it. We received two videos on DVD, a 20 minute "Highlights" and a 2-hour "Full-length". Both are great, but for most of our friends and family we'll spare them and just show the 20 minutes.

  • 12.12.03 ~ We both had the day off to go to Disneyland. Yay! Cheryll's work has an outing to Disneyland every year. We were really looking forward to the Haunted Mansion ride because they modify it for the holidays with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" theme. Last year we went on the ride about seven times - we liked it that much! This year after riding it once, we were let down somehow. Something was definitely missing, which we have yet to put our finger on. We're thinking maybe it was the music because last year we came off the ride everytime singing and bouncing. This year we got off disappointed and cranky. Oh well we still had a great time. The corndogs and ice cream will always be good at Disneyland. Yum!

  • 10.22.03 ~ Yay! We got a low-res CD with all the photos our photographer Marci Mak took for our wedding!

wedding party on manhattan beach
  • 10.21.03 ~ We went to Boston this past weekend for our second wedding reception. Thank you so much to Mom and Dad for hosting such a wonderful banquet. And also THANK YOU to all of our parents' friends and co-workers for being there and making it such a memorable event. It was an immense honor to have so many people celebrate with us. Click here to see all the photos from the Banquet.

Our Wedding Banquet in Boston

Saturday we went to see Tim's (Jeff's cousin) football game. Currently a Senior, Tim is captain of his team. Although they lost the game, the team they competed against is the biggest in the league. Go #20! Click here to see Tim's Football Game Photos.

tim, just short of a touchdown

On Saturday night we went to this excellent tapas restaurant on Newbury St. called Tapeo. When we walked into the restaurant, the place was jammed packed and the wait was about 45 minutes. Luckily we found two seats at the bar and so we ate our dinner there and had plenty of sangrias - yum! Afterwards, we went to visit Tim at Cassava Boba Lounge on Boylston St. Check out our photos from the weekend here.

  • 10.12.03 ~ In preparation for our upcoming wedding banquet in Boston, Cheryll bought a dress today. We're going to have to break out our winter clothes for the trip... it's in the 40s already!

  • 10.11.03 ~ Phew - what a hectic day! Today we went to out to lunch and ran into Jeff's cousin Bill and his significant other, Margaret. Then we drove an hour to Riverside to see Sheila, Cheryll's sister. Then we attended Brenna's birthday party also in Riverside which was very cool, they had one of those huge bouncy castles and a real pony giving rides to kids. Then we drove an hour and a half to Chatsworth to see Evan and Adam perform at Eagles Bar and Grill. Needless to say we had a really fun time seeinaya/eryone, but man with all the driving we did today we could have made it to Vegas.

  • 10.10.03 ~ Happy Birthday John! We went over to John and Danube's for dinner tonight and hung out with their twin boys. They're getting much bigger and are starting to fight over toys (referring to the twins that is, hehe).

  • 10.03.03 ~ We met up with Paul, Elisa, and Max tonight in Santa Monica. We had dinner at ensushi then we went to 14 Below to see the band Rain Fur Rent perform. Sarah, Paul's youngest sister, is the drummer in the band. They were really awesome. After they played, Michael Glabicki, the lead singer from Rusted Root came on and played solo acoustic. It was a huge treat for Jeff because he listened to Rusted Root and went to a few shows while in college.

  • 09.28.03 ~ Opening Day at Santa Anita was today so we went to bet on some ponies with Paul, Elisa, and Evan. Jeff did pretty well, winning a couple bucks for almost every race... Cheryll on the other hand, lost a couple bucks for almost every race. Oh well, we'll get 'em next time!

  • 09.26.03 ~ Tonight we went to Paul and Elisa's and they cooked us an awesome chili dinner in celebration of Cheryll's birthday. After dinner, we hung out and watched their very cute wedding video and then watched a few diving videos from our honeymoon.

  • 09.21.03 ~ We have begun the release of our Honeymoon page! Our trip was definitely something we will never forget, and in an effort to re-live our memories of paradise and to share with you what we experienced, our day-by-day journal begins...

  • 09.20.03 ~ Happy Birthday Cheryll! This evening we went to see Cirque Du Soleil's "Varekai". We're both huge fans of Cirque Du Soleil shows and this one was one of our most favorite of the traveling shows. A lot of the same concepts, but just taken to different levels of imagination and execution.

    Also earlier this afternoon we went into Santa Monica for some shopping and we stopped by the pier to see portions of the Red Bull Flugtag event - it was definitely quite humorous!

  • 09.17.03 ~ So last night Evan called us to ask if we were interested in seeing The Producers with Jason Alexander and Martin Short at the Pantages. He got fourth row, center seats! Of course we were interested! ;) We really enjoyed the show and plan on seeing it one more time before the LA stint ends. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, go with an open mind and know you're watching a Mel Brooks production, then sit back and enjoy!

  • 09.13.03 ~ We just uploaded all of our wedding pictures thus far! Sorry it took a while, but there are a lot of them (and these do not include the professional photos either, we should be getting proofs soon for those). A huge THANK YOU goes out to Frank and Ed, two of jeff's cousins, who each took great photos with our digital cameras. Also thanks to everyone else who has emailed us pictures so far. We welcome more so if you have them send them our way please. :-)

Another thing you may or may not notice is that our photo album has just been revised. Instead of the boring folder icons, random thumbnails are now used to liven up the folders. So now you'll get a different one each time you visit! Hope you like it!

  • 09.09.03 ~ Hi, we have just posted our Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner photos - see our updates that we just wrote starting from August 21 and 22. Enjoy!

  • 09.08.03 ~ Hi everyone! We just got back yesterday from our honeymoon. We've got lots of pictures to share and plenty of stories to tell, but for now here are a pair of teaser photos...stay tuned for more. :-)

  • yum!

    bora bora - "io orana!"

  • 08.26.03 ~ Wow, we can't believe it's over. Our Big-Day has come and gone so quickly. We leave for our Honeymoon today - WOOHOO!

  • 08.23.03 ~ Our Wedding Day! What a huge blur. Everything went by so fast. We had a great time, thank you so much to everyone who attended and made it such a magical and unforgettable day. Here are all the photos - ENJOY!!!

Altar at the Wayfarer's Chapel - Smooches!
  • 08.22.03 ~ Our Rehearsal Dinner was tonight at IL Fornaio in Manhattan Beach. It was really great to get all of our relatives and some of our out-of-town friends together before the BIG-Day - especially the ones whom have never met and also those who got re-acquainted. We also celebrated Jeff's Grandma's 83rd Birthday. Happy Birthday Hao Bu! Her birthday is actually the 23rd (the same as our wedding day) but we really wanted to give her the spotlight and make her birthday special, thus we decided to celebrate tonight. See the photos from the Rehearsal Dinner here.

    elaine, mike, alice, jeff, cheryll, ed, miranda
    frank, robby, hao bu, tim, bill

  • 08.21.03 ~ We had our Wedding Rehearsal tonight at the Wayfarer's Chapel and then we all went for dinner at our favorite Cuban restaurant in Manhattan Beach - Versailles. See the photos from the Wedding Rehearsal and dinner here.

Wedding Rehearsal
  • 08.15.03 ~ Every year John and Danube rent a beach house in Hermosa Beach for a week to frolic in the sun and get some R&R. So tonight we went to visit them and their twin boys in Hermosa Beach to celebrate Danube's 30th birthday. We had dinner at a yummy Cajun Restaurant where we feasted on frog legs, hush puppies, seafood gumbo, and jambalaya! It was quite nice to get out and take a break from all of our wedding preparation. See the photos from dinner tonight.

Jeff, John, Bjorn, Wolfe, Danube, and Cheryll

  • 08.14.03 ~ Happy 30th Birthday to Danube!

    Sheila, Elisa, and Cheryll's parents came over tonight (without us being home!) to help do wedding stuff! THANKS GUYS!! We could not have done all of that without you!

  • 08.09.03 ~ We had dinner tonight with Jeff's grandma, Aunt, and cousins.

Dinner with relatives

  • 08.08.03 ~ Happy Birthday Rusty! We went out to dinner tonight with Rusty and Evan to celebrate.

  • 08.02.03 ~ Cheryll partied at her bridal shower today while Jeff went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean with Paul. Check out the PG rated pics of the bridal shower here. ;)

  • 08.01.03 ~ 23 more days til our BIG DAY!!!! The countdown begins! Tonight we had dinner with Cheryll's family at a local Japanese restaurant called Mizu-Sushi then did some prep for the bridal shower tomorrow.

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