This page is dedicated to two very special people in our lives.

  • Cheryll's Mom, Lilia, a loving wife and mother, who was always very proud of her children. She was vibrant and full of life, with a laugh that was distinct and contagious. Her will to fight over the last few years came from her strong heart and love from and for her family and friends. We will miss her greatly.

1944 - 2004
we love and miss you

  • Jeff's grandpa Mr. Y.T.Wu, the outstanding and accomplished painter, calligrapher, and seal carver. And also a beloved and admired great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and husband.

This beautiful piece is hanging above our bed. Unfortunately, we don't read Chinese so we can't tell you what it says in the upper left corner.

If you would like to see more of Hao Gon's work, click here to Hao Gon Paintings


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