The Groom's Party

Best Man ~ Ilir Toska

Jeff and Ilir became friends at Carnegie Mellon University. Both members of Theta Xi Fraternity, Ilir chose Jeff to be his "Big Brother" upon pledging. They have shared so many memorable times together, from everyday college-life to crazy spring break vacations. They lived together in New York City for a summer where they both had internships. Ilir currently works for IBM Global Services and specializes in SAP consulting. Apart from being an aspiring actor and an excellent cook, Ilir has an extraordinary memory and is probably one of the smartest people Jeff knows. He was on a game show called The Inquizition and won beating out all of the competitors. If Jeff were to ever be on "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire", Ilir would be his lifeline.

Groomsman ~ Evan Tsuchiyama

Evan and Jeff met swing dancing several years back. They really became close when they both joined the swing dance troupe "The California All-stars". The swing dance team is no longer competing, but Evan and Jeff's friendship grew strongly out of that experience together. Besides swing dancing, they share many of the same interests such as music, sports, and computer games. Evan has an amazing knack at being good at everything he gets involved in. He is an amazing guitar player - self-taught in fact. He can hear a song and by the end of the night have it playing back to you. He is also an excellent swing dancer, athlete, singer/songwriter, and friend. Evan has a great sense of humor and can always put a smile on Jeff's face.

Groomsman ~ Ron Skoletsky

Ron is Jeff's first friend after college. They met as co-workers at Hewlett-Packard and were housemates in San Francisco. Ron and Jeff vacationed to Heidleburg, Germany and Barcelona, Spain, Jeff's first trip to Europe. Jeff had the honor of being Ron's best man at his wedding. Ron is married to Marie Morel-Seytoux and they have a beautiful baby girl, Freya Shai.


Groomsman ~ Paul Scarlata

Paul is Jeff's childhood friend. Since Jeff was in the 6th grade, Paul and Jeff grew up across the street from each other. Together, they played computer games (at that time on the Atari and the Apple II), collected comic books, rode bikes and skateboards, and slept over at each other's house. Jeff attributes a lot of who he is today to his time growing up with Paul. Everything from musical interests, to fitness and weight training, to values and morals in life, they formed mutually, looking out for each other and having a great time along the way. Paul is an amazing artist. As long as Jeff can remember, anything that Paul draws is outstanding. A graduate from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), Paul's work is featured on the television cartoon show "King of the Hill". Paul has taught Jeff so many things, but one thing that Jeff still holds true is "anything is possible with dedication and hard work". Paul recently married Elisa Chu and together they live in Los Angeles, CA.

Usher ~ Robby Choate

One of Jeff's cousins, Robby is currently a junior at George Washington University. Eight years younger, Robby has been like a little brother to Jeff. He can make the best margaritas and (in the words of Robby himself) a "bomb-diggity" barbecued steak! Robby also has the widest musical interest, enjoying DJ music to hip hop to even Chinese music! As Jeff may have influenced Robby in the years past (i.e. getting his ear pierced and going to his first Rave party) Robby has definitely influenced Jeff in music.

Usher ~ Tim Choate

Also one of Jeff's cousins (and Robby's younger brother), Tim is currently a senior at Rivers Academy in Massachusetts. With so many talents, Tim is not only the captain of his football team but he also plays lead guitar in his own band "Janie Paralysis". Don't forget us little people when you make it big, Tim!


Mother of the Groom ~ Grace Ku

Jeff's Mom, has taught him so many things and without her support and love he wouldn't be the person he is today. An extraordinary woman, Grace has amazing luck playing video poker (she has hit dozens of Royal Flushes)! Grace possesses an extra warm heart, always caring and concerned for the needs of others. No doubt about it, Grace will make sure you are well fed and well clothed. In fact she will even sneak into your bedroom at night to throw extra layers of blankets on so you're not cold. Not only is she Jeff's Mom, she's also his best friend. She has always been there for him, and for that he is truly grateful and lucky. If you're ever in Massachusetts and are in search of Chinese food, look up Grace because she also cooks up the best fried rice!

Father of the Groom ~ Victor Ku

Jeff's Dad has a great sense of humor and can always liven a conversation with a few jokes. An extremely intelligent man, Vic enjoys financial planning, reading, and playing blackjack and poker. Jeff has always looked up to his Dad. Following in Vic's footsteps, Jeff not only obtained a similar electrical engineering degree, he also works for Hewlett-Packard who now owns Digital Equipment Corporation (the company that his Dad worked for over 20 years). Jeff's Dad has always been there for him and without his support and love, none of this would be possible. If you have an opportunity, ask Vic about being mistaken for "Smokey Robinson"!

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